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"A néven nevezett kortársakkal gúnyos és könyörtelen leszek,
De csak olyanokat írok bele, akiket szeretek."

2017. december 17.
Katona József Színház



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 szivszakadtig fekvo vagott


2017. március 27. 20.00
Szkéné Színház



Pheasant Dance

facantanc front 3 korbe  

"An orphan lives a life of sadness,
She hardly ever has any gladness.
No mother or granny to take care of an orphan
She only has a Headmistress who's like a warden.

We Hungarians couldn't expel the Turkish hordes,
They were at last defeated by the German Sword.
Yet our trust in the future was still alive
in the year of 1695." 



barkibarmikor kicsi    

A normal, seemingly average man comes across two drug addicts on the street - he gives away a few coins to them, but he speaks to them in a crushing manner.

After he leaves, we realise that one of the drug addicts has stolen his money.
The two of them buy their stuff, a new drug called LIFE...


Our Secrets

Titkaink 1 


"None of us is perfect, and each one of us has their own secrets, no doubt. None of us is flawless... But we are sane fanatics of reality, living a treadmill of good compromises." Comrade Pánczél 


The 42nd week

A 42 het flyer front back   

From conception to delivery lasts about nine months or thirty-six weeks. (The forty-second week counts as well overdue, but is not necessarily dangerous.) Our play is set during this period. Our heroine, however, is not the child who is born or the mother giving birth, but the obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Imola Virágvári. Grief and love, faith and doubt, good and bad decisions – all come together in these nine dramatic months of her life. Every decision has its consequences. By the end of the play we learn what the "42nd week" will bring – birth or death. 


Kaisers TV, Ungarn

kaisers 150   

Ignác Baráznay, a pivotal figure of our story, is an invented character. Generally referred to as "Lion of Pákozd" by the Hungarians, he is an adored martyr of Hungarian Independence War, the national freedom fight staged against theHabsburg rule in 1848—1849. Thirty-three years after Baráznay's unclear death, his daughter Amalia — during a peculiar transcendent journey in which anything can happen —finds herself back in 1848 only to be employed by the then already working Austrian Imperial Television. Little by little, it becomes revealed to her that her father was nothing of the well-deserved national hero or the one she imagined him to be. 


Brilliant Second-Rate

tundoklo 150     "There's a Stradivari and there's your average fiddle,
The first the queen of violins, the other in the middle
I could keep on lying, but you catch my drift
You're worse than mediocre, you have no gift
I've tried to give you hints in every way,
Flattering and chiding, what else was there to say?
You know my creed, I've strewn the seed,
Hoping your talent to knead...
It's my fault, too, I'm happy to concede,
Where there's no gift, there's nothing to feed,
To put you on stage is a waste of time indeed."


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